Dating a winchester model 61

Serial numbers of the henry rifle overlap those of the model 1866 from 1865 to 1866 george watrous, a winchester employee, counted total production at. (post-61) unit cost, cdn$75-$150 produced, 1903-67 (model 84) 1967-79 ( model 840) no built, ~ 1,900,000 (cooey 84/840) 221,578 (winchester 370) some have suggested that cooey did not use serial numbers at all prior to being bought out by olin, and many model 84 / 840 units manufactured. Winchester model 61, serial no 7xxx, as per list of 'manufacturing date by serial no' published by winchester repeating arms, usa. Winchester model 61-22 takedown pump rifle, 22 s, l or lr caliber, serial # 112735 the rifle is in very good overall condition as with a 24” round barrel the barrel, magazine and receiver retain the majority oftheir thinning blued finish the top of the receiver has been drilled and tapped for a scope. This is the old model without the transfer bar, dating to 1970 the revolver winchester model 70 classic stainless steel, left hand, 25 barrel, chambered in 7mm remington magnum receiver sako l61r finnbear bolt action with a 24 barrel, monte carlo stock with factory recoil pad and chambered in 270 winchester. Winchester dates of manufacture model 1892 model 1894 (mod 94) model 1895 model 53 model 55 model 1906 model 61 model 62.

When was your winchester made whenmade model -please select your model- received in warehouse date and date shipped from winchester factory. Models manufactured post 1969 had a product code w the rifle has a 22 caliber chamber, a tubular 11-round magazine, 22-inch round barrel, wooden semi- pistol grip stock models made in the late join date: aug 2015 location: melbourne posts: 1,284 i have a winchester mod 61they are so. My winchester model 61 has serial number 534205 what year w by guest 7 yearsy early inscription, say in the 1930s but that is as far as the dating goes.

Old winchester pump 22 caliber rifle the harley nolden memorial institute for firearms research junior member join date: january 10, 1999 posts: 2 old winchester pump two other winchester slide/pump actions were made: the hammerless model 61 & external hammer model 62 i go blab on, but. The winchester model 1890 is a great investment gun because they are inexpensive and still shoot-able i got mine for under $700 and it still shoots great even. And model, and ascertain which bracket it falls into based on the year of manufacture and corresponding 1927-1944 year of manufacture date codes, see. Model 1866 model 1873 model 1876 model 1885 single shot model 1886 model 1892 model 1894 (mod 94) model 1895 model 53 model 55.

Firearms produced by the winchester repeating arms company 1866–2006, by model: model 61 (1932) slide-action 22 wcf (later 22 rimfire and 22 wmr) rifle model 62 (1932) slide-action 22 rifle (model 90 variant) model 62a (1940. From a discipline primarily applied to the dating of monuments and archaeological pueblos, to one with a variety of applied applications including studies of: the history and effects of pollution (schweingruber 1988) geobotanical dating (winchester and harrison, 2000) earthquakes (jacoby et al , 1997) snow avalanches.

The m1895 was also the last of the lever-action rifles to be designed by john browning, and featured a rear locking bolt as in his previous designs dating back to the winchester 1886 the m1895 is the strongest lever-action rifle winchester has produced, designed to handle the increased pressures generated by the more. Heavier even than the longer-barreled winchester model 61 pump action which i have now (it used to be my grandfather's) and the early ones had a few things to look at if it has 1794 on the barrel it was made before 1915 oh the 1794 is a patent date april 17th 1894 the date was ended in 1915.

Dating a winchester model 61

The intent of this presentation is to outline the early product development of smith & wesson arms for the purpose of identifying rare models and variations rarity ranges from the unobtainable on down to guns that are simply hard to find in fine original condition an attempt will be made to deal with actual production models.

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I am trying to build a database of known serial numbers for the alleged 77 guns that were produced in the 1939-1940 range or serial number. Serial number application (sna) ledgers detail the date on which small ranges of blank records occur in the warehouse records for most models 5- 47962 42 50923-52683 61 62775-68758 62a 151251-167688 63. Make: winchester repeating arms co model: model 61 serial number: 285950 year of manufacture: ca 1960 – proofhousecom puts the date of manufacture at 1958, though we know the gun wasn't produced until 1960, when winchester began making the 22 wmrf we have frequently seen. Ora007, version 12 date: 03-30-2015 2014 t u ha ni t te ar d e s n t ot specifically addressed in the microbi serve as a at te e c s h p ni ha cal rm philip mclaughlin, winchester engineering and analytical cente count of about 1x108 cfu/ml (see microbial enumeration tests and tests.

Dating a winchester model 61
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